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AI Code Generator for Arduino and ESP32.

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How can an Arduino AI code generator help you?


Manual coding for embedded systems is challenging, especially when time is limited.

This requires meticulous attention, making the coding process slow and prone to mistakes.

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❗ Compilation errors

How much time wasted on search engines to solve Arduino "exit status 1" compilation errors?

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❗ Logic errors

How many times did the Arduino software not work due to logical error because of forgetfulness or lack of knowledge?

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❗ Algorithm coding

How to code an algorithm based on the idea we have?

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Compilation errors, difficulties in understanding the syntax of the programming language like Arduino code, problems in identifying and solving logical errors are just some of the problems that developers face.


With Please Don't Code, we've created a simple process to make your coding faster and easier.

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Simple Arduino code generation

With our user interface, you'll be guided in developing your idea. In just 6 steps, you'll be able to generate your own Arduino code.

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Error-free Arduino code generation

Your personal Arduino code will be understandable, commented, syntactically correct and with working logic.

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Our automatic Arduino code generation process eliminates the need for hand coding and error checking, making programming simple, fast and stress-free.

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Once you use our Arduino AI code generator, you'll be thrilled with how you'll be able to achieve the projects you desire so much.

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Don't miss the opportunity to finalize your Arduino project. Why stay unsatisfied?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please Don't Code provides a specialized software development service for Arduino and ESP32 electronic boards.

With our cutting-edge code generation automation, we empower freelance programmers and small/medium businesses to bring their prototype projects to life in significantly less time compared to manual coding approaches used by competitors.

This results in increased profit margins and streamlined project execution, enabling our clients to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of software development.

Please Don't Code, an initiative by ITALCODY founded by Francesco Colucci (also known as Alessandro), stems from the roots of ITALCODY, a company specialized in software and hardware development for embedded electronic systems. Having collaborated with professionals and Small/Medium Enterprises across diverse sectors such as IoT, education, automotive, blockchain, home automation, and more, ITALCODY realized that their time and energy commitments limited project acceptance.

To address this limitation, Please Don't Code was born. Drawing on their extensive experience in software development, hardware design, and system integration, they devised a method accessible not just internally but also to freelancers and companies in embedded software design. Their mission is to expedite and automate low-level code development processes, contrasting with multinational companies targeting larger enterprises with substantial budgets. Instead, they aim to offer this service to professionals and Small/Medium Enterprises, providing quality solutions and efficiency at a budget-friendly scale.

Their approach prioritizes speed and simplification, offering user-friendly tools that deliver substantial results without demanding extensive technical expertise. Through the Please Don't Code portal, they provide timely services, from automatic code generation to collaborative development tools. The goal is to make programming a pleasant and straightforward experience for smaller enterprises, allowing them to focus on core activities.

Proud of collaborations with successful companies, ITALCODY and Please Don't Code derive immense satisfaction from the trust built with clients and the tangible results achieved together.

The service is a guided procedure consisting of 6 steps. At each step, information is added about the project you want to create through automated code generation. What you need to do is select the electronic board on which you want to generate the code and the electronic components you want to connect to the board. The components will be connected to the most appropriate board pins, and only if they are compatible with the functions associated with those pins. Additionally, compatible software libraries will be preassigned for using the components.

Subsequently, you can select additional libraries that may be useful for your project. Finally, you can add your system requirements by describing what you want the board and components to do. In the last step, you can generate your code, analyze it, make corrections if you're not satisfied, and then download it. This allows you to compile and upload the code to your board through Arduino IDE or similar tools.

Utilizing code generation brings several advantages, including time savings, error reduction, enhanced code quality and maintainability, as well as ensuring code consistency and portability.

The automation of code generation allows developers to concentrate on higher-level tasks, guaranteeing correctness and consistency in their code.

The boards on which you can automatically generate code include: Arduino Nano ESP32, ESP32 DevKit V1, Arduino Uno, Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V, Arduino Pro Mini 5V, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega.

If you need to develop automatic code for other boards, please send an email to info@pleasedontcode.com, and we will make it available shortly.

No, we don't recommend subscribing to a paid plan if you have limited programming knowledge. While our service can automatically generate code, you still need to understand and interpret the code to effectively control your project.

The FREE option can be useful as a learning tool to see how Artificial Intelligence creates simple algorithms from basic requirements. However, for more complex projects requiring intricate algorithms, it's recommended to seek more advanced programming knowledge or assistance.

Our service specializes in creating specific code for embedded systems. It performs compatibility checks and utilizes pre-structured code to ensure the generated code is accurate.

On the other hand, chatGPT can generate code but without verifying its accuracy. As a result, the generated code may contain errors or functional incompatibilities with the board or connected components, which could lead to additional time and effort being wasted.

Our service is not aimed at replacing the programmer's role. On the contrary, we recognize the significance of the programmer in overseeing project development. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of freelance programmers and small software companies, enabling them to create projects more quickly or with fewer resources. Please Don't Code fits into this context by expediting code writing and reducing manual code correction times.

Although AI code generators automate specific tasks, they do not eliminate the requirement for skilled developers. Instead, developers can leverage these tools to boost productivity, concentrate on intricate tasks, and uphold the production of high-quality code.

The developer's role shifts towards a more design and logic-centric focus rather than being solely coding-oriented.

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